Static pages in rails

Author :- Amar Daxini

Static site using rails

As we know rails is mainly used for dynamic website.we can also display static web pages or we can deploy full static website using rails. The following code can help us to display static pages.

Step 1:-Create Rails project

rails static_site

Step 2:-Generate StaticPage Controller

  ruby script/generate controller static_pages page

Step 3:- Create StaticPage Class in Model

 class StaticPage
   Formats = {
       "html" => "text/html",
       "png" => "image/png",
       "jpg" => "image/jpg"

Step 4:- Add following line in routes.rb "page/:filename.:format", :controller => 'static_pages', :action => 'page'

Here we are passing filename as parameter which is static file name.

This will generate url as http://sitename/page/static_filename.html

Step 5:- Now add following line into static_pages controller

def page
 "#{Rails.root}/app/views/static_pages/#{params[:filename]}.#{params[:format]}",:disposition =>'inline',:type => StaticPage::Formats[params[:format]]

Step 6:- All the static pages place in RAILS_ROOT/app/views/static_pages/ folder

Step 7 :- Start server and Type url as shown below.

ruby script/server

Url may be